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About Us

About Us

Are you tired of overpriced ghost hunting equipment? Look no further! At Dimension Devices, we offer high-quality devices at a fraction of the cost compared to our competitors. Our mission is to bridge the affordability gap without compromising on functionality.

Why pay three times the price for other ghost hunting devices when you can get the same, if not better, performance from our products? We pride ourselves on providing professional, sleek, and ultra-portable devices that meet and exceed your expectations.

With Dimension Devices, you can experience paranormal investigation like never before. Our equipment offers superior functionality compared to other similar devices on the market. We believe in redefining the standards of paranormal performance while maintaining our ethos of charity and business support.

We will never compromise on quality or functionality to offer you a lower price. Rest assured that all Dimension Devices equipment is meticulously designed and programmed in the UK, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship and reliability.

Experience the future of ghost hunting with Dimension Devices. Don't break the bank for top-notch equipment. Choose affordability without sacrificing performance. Join us on our mission to redefine the paranormal investigation experience.

Dimension Devices Team

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Dimension Devices History

As the founder of Dimension Devices, I thought I would give you a short history as to why we exist. Way back in the mid-to-late 1980s, when I was a wee lad. I found a small selection of books (which were probably far too scary for a child aged 5-8). These books have since become unknown to me, however they had large pictures of aliens, UFOs, cryptids and ghosts! A few stories and imagery from those books has stayed with me - Such as a story about a man stalked in his home by an alien who looked through his window and had red eyes, the story of Jesse Marcel and the Roswell incident; as well as the Monk Spectre at Newby Church from the 1960s. This sparked my interest in the paranormal.

Shortly after this, my father subscribed to a weekly magazine called The X-Factor, which, despite the name has nothing to do with the horrid television talent show series! It was a compilation of stories and articles about the paranormal! It was wonderful and I became slightly obssessed.

A few years later I discovered a small TV series called The X-Files and I considered myself a bit of a "Mulder" myself, though perhaps I was a bit more of a healthy sceptic akin to Scully than Mulder ever was (even though he was nearly always right!).

Fast forward around 25 years and I had become a programmer for a prominent company working with global corporations like Jeep, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo and Nikon - I bought myself a robotics programming kit, which paved the way for electronics development and microcontroller programming. I started dabbling with sensor kits and servos, before you knew it I had a functional EMF/Temperature device that functioned like the Ovilus, which I found out later already existed. This device was called Chattergeist v0.1. From that moment forward I started refining it and creating something that was a) more functional than other devices on the market and b) was cheaper to produce.

This is where we are now! This is how Chattergeist Touch became the flagship product for Dimension Devices!

Care In The Community

We love local businesses and we love people helping people out! Unfortunately there are some bad people out there, please read our Clones, Community & Care page for further information about how we have addressed some of this and why we have implemented verification for devices.